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Enough! Enough! Surely enough now. If you are left with no other feeling when reading this edition of the Australian PhotoJournalist, Unsustainable Cruelty, “Enough now” is enough. Enough now of the large transnational food corporations whose irresponsible pursuit of profits threatens survival. Enough now of our mindless complicity in this pursuit and our willingness to risk future generations for cheap cuts of meat on demand.  Enough now of farming practices that destroy environments, rape oceans, create antibiotic resistant super bugs and threaten the health of the ecosystem on which we depend for survival. Enough now of the madness that allows unimaginable cruelty to exist on an inconceivable scale as we feast to obesity. Enough now, surely enough now.

Unsustainable Cruelty contains photo stories by Chris Jordan, David Chancellor, Dave Jordano, Tommaso Ausili, Matt Eich, Kelly Hussey–Smith, Ed Wray, Mark Leong, Chris De Bode, Brian Skerry, Rafal Milach, Charlie Mahoney, Dieter Telemans, Mary Shannon Johnstone and Frank Noelker.

Plus texts by Peter Singer and Jonathan Safran Foer.

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